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Potato Dust (Propham - Sprout Inhibitor)

Propham Potato Dust is a dust-able powder for easy application, specially formulated to prevent the sprouting of stored potatoes, and helps in keeping you potatoes fresh.


Once you have harvested your crop, discard any rotten or damaged potatoes. Lightly apply Propham Potato Dust to the bottom of the sacks or containers, and then sprinkle on potatoes, layer by layer. Cover potatoes with paper or sacking to insure your potatoes are kept in the dark and store in a well ventilated area.


Ideally it is best to treat potatoes once they have been harvested before any signs of sprouting. Treatment can still be made after the appearance of sprouts, but is recommended to do at the time of harvesting


Note: Do not treat Seed Potatoes with Propham Dust. 


When Propham Dust is stored correctly, it should show no significant sign of degradation for 2 years from of manufacture.


 Propham Potato Dust


Application: Use 10grams to each 10kg of potatoes. 


Available in pack sizes: 150g bottles or Carton of 12 x 150g bottles.

Download Safety Data Sheet: Propham Dust 



To download a pdf copy, click here.