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Potato & Vegetable

Planter Bags


Planter Bags

35L Planter Bags with handles to make moving easier.
Also ideal for growing and moving trees and shrubs

Planting Potatoes

When planting your Morton Smith-Dawe Seed Potatoes in planter bags you will need some plain soil and low ph compost (as some compost can be to rich or strong).

Start by mixing a 50/50 blend of soil and compost. Fill approx 1/3 of the planter bag with the soil and compost mix.


Place 1 sprouted seed potato in middle of bag then cover with approx 5cm of soil and compost mix. Lightly sprinkle with Morton Smith-Dawe High Grade Potato Fertiliser. As the potato is growing top up the bag with soil and compost mix until bag is full.





To start you will need to water until the soil and compost mix is damp and then approx 1 or 2 cups of water every 3 or 4 days to keep the soil moist if has not rained.



Where to place bag


Choose a sunny and warm spot to grow your potato. In cooler weather you may have to cover your potato or move to a sheltered spot to keep protected from frosts. Refer to our potato list for approx time of maturity on reverse side.



Vegetables planter bags


Great for growing all types of vegetables. Ideal for tomatoes, broccoli, silverbeet, spinach, peas and broad beans


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