Inca Gold

Inca Gold is a new variety bred for New Zealand conditions by Plant & Food Research at Lincoln. Morton Smith-Dawe Ltd has been granted marketing rights to this new variety. Inca Gold has a yellow flesh and grows up to 10cm long and 3cm thick. It has a lovely flavour and is a high yielder.

If you are in a region that has frost’s, it is recommended that you leave your yams in the ground to get “frosted” a few times. This will enhance the flavour.

If your garden doesn’t become water logged over the winter, you can leave your crop in the ground for a few months.

Approximately late July to mid October. Plant 30-35cm apart to allow tops to grow and approximately 3-5cm deep.

Sulphate of potash, apply 30-60g per square metre of soil. No lime when planting.

Water regularly to maintain soil moisture.

Approximately June/July, once the tops of plants have totally died off.

Keep in a dry dark cool place until required for eating.

Conditions of Sale:
Inca Gold Yam Seed is a protected seed variety. Morton Smith-Dawe Ltd has been granted permission to market this seed on condition that it is not multiplied further for seed production, re-sold or traded in any way, without written authority from Plant and Food Research or by Morton Smith-Dawe Ltd. Contravention of these conditions will render the home gardener or grower liable under the “Plant Varieties Act”, 1987, where a prosecution will apply.

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