Lawn and Iron Fertiliser

New lawns, before sowing seed apply 20g per square metre. Rake into soil and water in well.

Established lawns, apply up to 35g per square metre every 3 or 4 months to ensure a nice lush green lawn.

In all cases it is important to spread fertiliser evenly and not to overdo the application rate as this may cause burning of your lawn. Apply prior to rain or water in well after application to prevent any chance of burning.

Important: Avoid contact with paving or concrete as staining may occur.

Nitrogen rich fertiliser that is specially formulated for New Zealand growing and soil conditions. It promotes lush green growth, maximising lawn health and visual and textural appeal. Iron Sulphate has been added to help control moss and enrich the deep green colour.

N.P.K. 16-2-0 plus Sulphate of Iron.

Ferrous Sulphate Safety Data Sheet

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