When planting your Morton Smith-Dawe Seed Potatoes in planter bags you will need some plain soil and low pH compost (as some compost can be to rich or strong).

  • Start by mixing a 50/50 blend of soil and compost.
  • Fill approximately 1/3 of the planter bag with the soil and compost mix.
  • Place 1 sprouted seed potato in the middle of the bag then cover with approximately 5cm of soil and compost mix.
  • Lightly sprinkle with Morton Smith-Dawe High Grade Potato Fertiliser.

As the potato is growing top up the bag with soil and compost mix until the bag is full.

WATERING: To start you will need to water until the soil and compost mix is damp and then approximately 1 or 2 cups of water every 3 or 4 days to keep the soil moist.

WHERE TO PLACE BAG: Choose a sunny and warm spot to grow your potato. In cooler weather you may have to cover your potato or move to a sheltered spot to keep
protected from frosts.

MATURITY: Refer to Morton Smith-Dawe Potato list for time of maturity.

VEGETABLES PLANTER BAGS: Great for growing all types of vegetables. Ideal for tomatoes, broccoli, silverbeet, spinach, peas and broad beans.

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