Morton Smith-Dawe

Guide to Growing Seed Potatoes

After purchasing your Certified Seed Potatoes, spread them out in a dry area to allow sprouts to develop to approximately 1-2cm in length.

When planting time commences form rows approximately 15cm deepand 60cm apart. Apply Morton Smith-Dawe High Grade Potato Fertiliser, mix into the soil so the rows become 10cm deep. This protects Potato sprouts from fertiliser burning.

Now place your Seed Potatoes 25cm apart in the row with the sprouts pointing upwards and cover the seed carefully with soil as not to damage the formed sprouts.

When the Potato plants reach 5-10cm in height, commence moulding the soil around the plants. This protects the Potatoes from greening and insect damage. A side dressing of Morton Smith-Dawe High Grade Potato Fertiliser can now be applied.

Water regularly ensuring the soil is kept moist and ensure the Potato plants are kept free of weeds.

Soil pH ideally should be maintained in the range of 5.4 – 5.8. While potatoes will thrive at soil pH levels of 6.0, a lower pH is normally recommended to suppress development of potato scab.

When harvested store Potatoes in a cool dark place to retain their freshness. Morton Smith-Dawe Sprout Inhibitor can be applied if the Potatoes are to be stored for a length of time but only after the Potatoes are dry and mature.

Green crops are a wonderful way to add natural organic matter to your soil in late Summer/Autumn as a winter crop. Blue Lupins add nitrogen to the soil and Mustard helps prevent wire worm. Green Crops are also a great weed suppressant.

Morton Smith-Dawe has formulated a special mix of Blue Lupin, Mustard and Grain to provide a balanced green crop, as it covers all your garden needs.

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