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Broad Bean Seed Information


 Broad Beans Coles draft


Coles Dwarf

Matures approx 11-13 weeks
Compact vigorous plant with a concentrated pod set.
Plants about 100cm tall. Pods are short, thick and well filled approx
20-25cm long.

Available in pack sizes: 200g and 500g.


 Broad Bean Seed - Early Long Pod


Early Long Pod

Matures approx 11-13 weeks
An early maturing selection fom Exhibition Long Pod.
Plants about 100cm tall. Pods are fleshyshort, and approx 25-28cm long.

Available in pack sizes: 200g and 500g.



 Broad bean Seed - Evergreen__



Matures approx 11-13 weeks
Green seeded cultivar approx 90cm tall. Evergreen has smaller beans than
other cultivars. The beans remain bight green when cooked and have mild flavour.

Available in pack sizes: 200g and 500g.



 Broad Bean Seed - Janet__



Matures approx 11-13 weeks
Has a lovely taste and good texture. Suitable to freeze. May flower more than other varieties. Grey in colour. Plant approx 90cm tall. High yielder.

Available in pack sizes: 200g and 500g.


Planting Broad Beans

Broad beans are a great cool season vegetable and can be planted from April through till September. One advantage to the home gardener is that broad beans freeze well.

Plant approx 4cm deep, 10cm apart and rows approx 90cm apart.

Some of the taller broad beans may grow 2 metres and may need to be staked. However, they will not grow as tall if the tops are nipped off when plants are approx 30cm high. This will encourage more shoots to break out from below, creating a shorter busier plant.

Harvest before the beans get too mature. If left too long they can become chewy after cooking.


 Planting Broad Bean


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